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Reviews from members of the Annual Photography Course 2015

I started the course with little knowledge of how to use my camera properly. I wanted to learn how to be a better photographer and to take my camera out of auto mode. With every week my confidence grew, my understanding of composition and how to take a good picture improved. I haven’t used my camera in auto mode since!  The regular feedback from course members and fellow students really helped me to improve. I thoroughly enjoyed the field trips, having the members on hand was really beneficial.

For anyone thinking about enrolling on this course I would say, 'don't think about it, just do it'.

Chris K. 

I recently took the BPS course and, as well as providing great education on a range of subjects, the practical elements provided by the course gave me the chance to try a whole range of new skills, all with instructors who were willing to answer any questions and offer any advice when sought.

As well as this the BPS course gave me the opportunity to come back week after week and get constructive criticism on my photography in a friendly environment, which really helped me improve my work. There were so many people with different skill levels, from people who just wanted to improve their holiday snaps to people who wanted to make photography a career, and the course catered for them all.

After just 3 months I was seeing the improvement in my work from when I started the course to when I finished. 

It is honestly a great course for any skill level and I can't recommend it enough.

Andi H.
Bradley Stoke

I chose to enrol in the BPS course 2015 because firstly I thought it was excellent value for money. In additon the course content covered all areas of interest. I think this course is great for anyone who wants to learn the basics- everything is covered & the practical assignments help to cement your learning. The course is also good for anyone who has a grasp of the basics of photography, but want to improve & build their confidence.

The atmosphere was relaxed & non-judgemental and the feedback was constructive.

I'd recommend this course as a must for anyone who is interested in learning more about photography.

Clare A.
Westbury on Tyrm

Doing the course was one of the best decisions I've made. It's allowed me to be much more creative with my photography across a wide spectrum of subjects, money well spent!

I have recommended the course to many people. My daughter in law had a DSLR for Christmas and I know both she and her friend are keen to enrol on this year's course.

Max P.
Westbury on Tyrm